Robbi JadeLew, playing Day 1a in the guaranteed $15 million WPT World Champion at Wynn Las Vegas (Monday), suggested to PokerNews a possible return to Hustler Casino Live.

Southern California’s poker player also spoke out about how she has grown up since her infamous Hustler Casino cheating scandal on Sept. 29.

Lew, who was a veteran crusher, accused her of cheating in the six-figure jackpot. She later denied wrongdoing, has many fans and still believes her story.

Can She Live at Hustler Casino Again?

Lew made what just might be the most insane call in poker history — calling off a six-figure wager on the turn with nothing but jack-high, and it turned out she had the best hand. Adelstein was forced to quit the game after making that call and has not been seen in action since. Lew has not returned to action, although she indicated that this may change.

Lew stated that “I hope I’m back” when she was asked by PokerNews reporter Lara Neacy whether or not she would like to visit Hustler Casino Live again. We are in the process to resolve things. It’s clear that the investigation must be completed. I believe it’s moving in the right direction, and it should get there. You’ll see me.

Ryan Feldman (co-producer) of Hustler casino Live couldn’t confirm Lew’s return to the show.

Lew discussed her personal life and how it has changed after the Jack-four scandal.

Lew described how bizarre the attention was as, “It’s weird.” “There was life before and after the hands.”

A participant at the World Poker Tour’s most prestigious event claimed that people approach her to ask for photos and that she was over all of the attention she has received because she participated in one the most controversial poker events in history.

Lew continued to deny the cheating. He has recommended that Bryan Sagbigsal be charged by HCL Production staff. Bryan admitted to taking $15,000 in casino chips.

Andrea Chang from Los Angeles Times gave a short update last Friday via Twitter on the Sagbigsal matter. According to her, the chip thief was charged with two counts of grand theft. She also revealed that an arrest warrant had been issued. Sagbigsal still has not surrendered to police.

Hustler Casino Live engaged a third-party, independent investigator to look into the matter. There has yet to be any proof that cheating was done, or it has been made public. Sagbigsal stole chips from Lew’s stack but this is not related to the particular hand.

*Images courtesy of WPT.

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