For the Winter Poker Classic, the Mid-States Poker Tour returned to Running Aces Casino. The turnout was impressive.

The $1,100 Main Event was one to remember as a total of 1,015 entries were tallied (238 from Day 1a; 348 from 1b; 429 from 1c), which blasted beyond the venue’s previous best field of 920 that was set this past April.

The two-day poker marathon was exhausting. Some players were more tired than others. Sunday saw 123 players return for Day 2 with the hopes of being named MSPT Main Event Champions.

After the dust had settled, it was Blake Bohn (MSPT Hall of Famer) who claimed top honors. He defeated Chan Pelton, a previous Running Aces champ, in a heads-up match to take the title of MSPT Main Event record holder.

After his record-breaking win, Bohn said that he was overwhelmed. “It’s so fun to see it all work out when it does.”

The victory is Bohn’s fourth MSPT title. However, Bohn worked tirelessly to return to the winners circle after his 2018 loss.

Bohn stated, “I have worked so hard over the years on my game,” and “I know people will have different opinions about my character but it is nice to know my hard work has paid off.”

After he was inducted into the MSPT Hall of Fame, the Minnesotan native has continued to work hard since 2011. He now owns $697.800.

“The fourth title, which was earned hard and is amazing, is absolutely incredible. In his final statement, Bohn stated that he couldn’t have been happier.

2022 Results of the MSPT Running Aces Final Table

PlacePlayerHometownPrizeMSPT POY Points

1 Blake Bohn Eden Prairie, MN $181,864 1,900
2 Chan Pelton College Station, Texas $112,074 1,700
3 Chad Chizek Waterloo IA $83,559 1,600
4 Jon Hanner St. Paul MN $61,932 1,500
5 Ezequiel Gonzalez Minnetonka, MN $47,186 1,400
6 Chris Trombley Macomb, MI $36,373 1,300
7 Justin Thurlow Cottage Grove, MN $28,508 1,200
8 Craig Fierke Roseville, MN $21,627 1,100
9 Nik Stone Pittsville, WI $17,695 1,000

There was a total of 108 people who were due to be paid. This meant that only a handful of players could exit the game before they all got their money. Jason Sell, Justin Barnum and Dennis Stevermer were just a few of the players who left empty handed.

There was only one step to go before hand-for-hand began. Sean Giere received two double-ups, before Andrew Eik dropped on the money bubble.

Sean Giere

Following the burst of the bubble, it was time to march toward the end. Umut Ozturk, who was 10th in the MSPT Hall of Fame, fell to $13,763, Aaron Johnson from MSPT Hall of Fame (24th at $6,685) and Kyna England, 2021 MSPT POY Kyna (52nd at $3,047). Matt Kirby, MSPT Hall of Famer, was 65th (at $2,556). Terence Reid, 75th (at $2,458).

Final Table Action

Final MSPT Table of Running Aces

Once the players were back from their meal break, action quickly kicked in as Pelton & Bohn went back and forth between eliminations.

Pelton began it with Nik Stone in ninth, followed by Bohn and Craig Fierke in eighth.

Pelton settled Justin Thurlow seventh place in an aces versus jacks hand, and Bohn straightened Chris Trombley sixth.

Chad Chizek had Ezequiel Sanchez eliminated from fifth place along with a pair ladies. However, Pelton would go all-out after he rivered queens to break Jon Hanner’s pocket kings and eliminate him in fourth for $61,932.

The three-handed action saw Chips shuffle between Pelton’s and Bohn until Chizek decided to make his move against Bohn, who was holding a weaker ace. Chizek couldn’t get lucky, and his Main Event finished in third place at $83,559.

Bohn had a nearly 2:1 chip advantage over Pelton when the heads-up fight began. Broadway then took the chip lead.

They continued their fight for several levels, with chips moving back and forth up until Bohn rolled two-pairs to win Pelton’s back-to-back title. He also claimed his fourth.

Blake Bohn

Winter Poker Classic Winners of the MSPT

TournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize

Event 1: Mystery Bounty for $360 MSPT 1,065 $253,000 Prize Pool + $106,500 Bounties David Gonia $38,606
Event #2: $250 Sunday Feast, NLH 190 $38,000 Michael Winter $8,122
Event #3: $185 Multiflight NLH 424 $61,480 Ed Veith $13,427
Event #4: Seniors 50+ $250 160 $32,000 Bob Moore $8,640
Event #5: $250 Turbo Super Stack NLH 102 $20,400 Loren Burbach $6,121
Event #6: $250 Pot-Limit Omaha 108 $21,600 Doug Tran $6,479
Event #7: $300 MSPT Tag Team ($150/player) 411 $47,265 Daniel & Dennis Stevermer $12,287
Event #8: 250 Hump Day NLH 111 $22,200 Mark Dufner $4,487
Event #9: High Roller at the Hall of Fame – $2,500 MSPT Hall of Fame 98 $225,400 Kou Vang $67,621
Event #10 – $1,110 MSPT Main Events 1,015 $983,050 Blake Bohn $181,864

For its $1,100 Main Event on December 28th-30th, the Mid-States Poker Tour will be returning to Las Vegas at Venetian Las Vegas. PokerNews will provide live updates on the ground.

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